Melody Monsters

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Join Melody in an incredible musical dream!

  • Unlock challenging levels
  • Musical effects worthy of the best orchestras
  • Colorful and fun graphics
  • Learn the secrets of music with Trivia Crack’s characters.

Connect Monsters

Connect 3 Monsters or more to get them off the board and meet the level objectives.

Get Stars

Each level grants you a specific number of moves. Be strategic! Use less moves to get a higher score and earn all three stars.

Create your Chorus

Create a Chorus by connecting at least 6 Monsters! A Chorus note will grant a Super Voice to a Monster for which you will receive double points.

Try the PowerUps

Use them in the harder levels! Select them before starting a level or while playing.



Melody has courage and imagination to spare!


This girl is a ball of energy!


Charmingly irresistible!

Sir Adagio

A true English Lord.


Happiness is contagious!


Keep calm and feel the music.

Maestro Doremi

He keeps everyone in tune.


So frenzied it's annoying!

Mono Tony

Keeps to himself.


If he opens his mouth, you can be sure it's not to sing!

Lord Dreamcracker

In the dark of the night hides the enemy of dreams.