Melody Monsters


Join Melody in an incredible musical dream!

  • Connect 3 or more musical Monsters
  • Unlock challenging levels
  • Learn about musical genres and their secrets with the characters from Trivia Crack
  • Musical effects worthy of the best orchestras
  • Use Facebook to challenge your friends and share your results
  • Earn fantastic prizes: coins, lives, and much more
  • Colorful and fun graphics
  • Play in over 20 languages

Challenge your friends and show that you are the grooviest!

Melody Monsters is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Catalan, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, and Chinese.

Start the game

Once on the map, enter the level and press "Start" on the objectives screen to play.

Connect Monsters

Connect 3 Monsters or more to get them off the board and meet the level objectives.

Get Stars

Each level has a specific number of moves. Be strategic! If you use less moves, you'll get a higher score and all three stars.

Create your Chorus

Create a Chorus by connecting at least 6 Monsters! A Chorus note will grant a Super Voice to a Monster for which you will receive double points.

Try the PowerUps

Use them in the harder levels! You may choose them before each level or while playing.




Melody has courage and imagination to spare! Even though she’s only 8 years old, she still confronts the night and doesn’t fear the darkness that surrounds her room. It’s amazing for such a young girl to be so brave! She dreams of a place where music never stops and all musical genres coexist in harmony. This mystical world appears every night when the lights go out, her eyes close and the fantasy begins.


Sir Adagio

This gentleman is attentive to a tee. He is a very elegant dresser and never goes anywhere without his top hat. At first glance, this monster appears to be quite the English Lord. He is extremely polite, to the point where he removes his top hat any time someone walks by, no matter who it is. He is the oldest of the group and the most discreet, keeping all of his friends' secrets.



They say calmness is a virtue of the strong. If that's true, then this lady must be Supergirl. Possessing a serenity and inner peace that’s the envy of everyone, sometimes it's not clear if she's meditating or sleeping. She never gets mad and remains cool and collected through the worst of storms. She moves with harmony, as if she were flying through far away galaxies. Peace & love!


Maestro Doremi

He brings everyone in tune with each other. Very friendly and welcoming, he knows all of the Monsters in Dreamland very well and each of their abilities and weaknesses. His little bow tie is always moving around because he gets very energized when he speaks!



This girl is a ball of energy! She's constantly on the move, always restless and frenetic, shaking her head left and right and calling everyone's attention. She's the youngest of the group and it shows!



It's impossible to catch him in a bad mood! He's always smiling and happily shows off his huge teeth with a grin. Stick with him and you're guaranteed to have fun: he's playful and loves to joke around. Everyone loves him because when he arrives he fills the air with joy!



There's no one better looking in Dreamland, but Strady can sometimes come off a bit vain and flirtatious. He's a romantic and always inspired by harmony. He's very proud of his awesome hairdo, and while he sways his head from side to side he can't help but show it off. He steals everyone's hearts with his irresistible handsomeness.



Buzzy is an expert at annoying people when they're dreaming peacefully. Her wings move around frantically because she's always anxious. She flies back and forth impatiently with her unmistakable buzz-buzz. It's impossible to rest easy when this fly is making circles around your head.



If he opens his mouth, you can be sure it's not for singing! This horrific creature blows putrid slime bubbles that trap the Monsters and prevent them from making their music. He's always in a foul mood and never stops spitting in the air. How gross! The only thing that can fight this repulsive being is the power of the group's music!


Mono Tony

When this villain gets close, you won't hear a peep. A sinister silence spreads over the land, and the total lack of sound makes all the inhabitants of Dreamland uneasy. Mono Tony doesn't like music, and any kind of noise makes him very nervous. If anyone starts playing an instrument or singing a song while he's around, he gives them a look so terrifying that no one dares go on.


Lord Dreamcracker

Watch out, friends! In the dark of the night hides the enemy of dreams. His evil eyes glisten, lurking in the shadows. His gaze is so dreadful that it makes everyone in Dreamland shudder. They say that once, while he was asleep, the Monsters woke him so suddenly with their music that he's never been able to sleep since. He suffers from insomnia and therefore can never dream. This has made him very jealous of Melody and he tries to morph her dreams into nightmares any chance he gets!